Privacy Policy

HOOP Agreement and Privacy Policy


Ride Nepal Pvt. Ltd. provides ride sharing services on two wheeler and cars that allows the users to book rides and riders/drivers/partners to accept rides from users using a smart phone with our mobile apps “HOOP Partner” and “HOOP Rides”.

By using the HOOP services you accept and agree to comply with the terms and conditions and the privacy policy included in this document. If you do not accept all if the terms and conditions of this agreement, then you are not authorized to use the HOOP services.

In order to use the HOOP services you must be 18 years old or above.

The mobile App helps the user find rides around their current location using the GPS signal.

The location of the rider/driver/partner who use the HOOP Partner app will be shared to the users on the App using the GPS system of the mobile device the app has been installed.

The users and rider/driver/partner should only account use their own account to avail services on HOOP. We forbid transfer of account to other parties and authorizing others to use the account.

We will have access to your personal information including mobile numbers and email address updated during the signup process. We expect you to provide correct information during the sign up process.

All riders/drivers/partners should have a valid driving license issued by the respective government body of Nepal government and should be 16 years or above. Vehicles registered and used by the riders/drivers/partners should be in a good condition, registered with the department of transport with all taxes cleared.